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Valuing Startup Valuations – Webcast

Understanding startup valuations is often a complex and murky process.  Peter gives you great insights on what you think you are worth, what you are really worth and also importantly gives you guidance as to understand valuations from the startup to exit. The latest addition to our educational webinar series, covering startup valuation, is here… […]

Angel Insights: Marketing Pitch Presentation

By Thomas B. Cross email on Twitter @TECHtionary This article was inspired by Peter Adams blog post about the The Venture Capital Pitch – Team Slides.  Here are few Angel Insights that you could consider discussing during a “deep dive” or other discussions with the start up under consideration.

The Imitation Game – The Game of Gamification

The Imitation Game – the movie of the great Alan Turing – inventor of modern computer systems focused on both the concept of codes and machines. Codes are the ways we as humans do things such as talking, managing and communicating. Machines are tools such as printing presses, computers and algorithms (rules of thumbs), the […]