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What do I look for in a Venture Capital Investment?

The answer to what venture capitalists look for in their investments is complex and there’s certainly no checklist that you can follow for investability. I’ll share an overview of my perspective on Venture Capital Investing. If you were to ask me the ONE thing we look for in an investment, I will give you a simple answer […]

When does the clock start at a VC Pitch Event?

Too many startups stress about how to get their whole story into a five minute pitch and they don’t think enough about how to cheat time a bit to get the most out of the five minutes (or two, seven, ten, twelve, fifteen or whatever you’re given). This is the first to two blogs on […]

VC Pitch Trick – Back Pocket Slides

Giving a VC pitch to angel investors or VCs can be nerve wracking for many startups, but one technique that can help startups regain control and confidence is to have a full suite of Back Pocket Slides. Back pocket slides are slides after your final slide in your deck that contain details about items you […]

How a Venture Fund Capital Call works

Many angel investors who are actively considering becoming a Limited Partner in a venture fund have questions about how capital calls work.  Angels are used to making a commitment to fund a deal, then writing a check or wiring funds and they’re done until the deal exits. Capital Calls Maximize Investor Returns Venture capital funds […]

Tax Breaks Every Angel Investor Should Know About

Angel investors take risks in backing startup companies – but recent tax breaks make it a lot less risky than you may think! Experienced angel investors know that to get a 3X return on their portfolio over five years, they need to shoot for 10X on each deal they do.  With recent tax breaks, angels […]