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VC Pitch Trick – Back Pocket Slides

Giving a VC pitch to angel investors or VCs can be nerve wracking for many startups, but one technique that can help startups regain control and confidence is to have a full suite of Back Pocket Slides. Back pocket slides are slides after your final slide in your deck that contain details about items you […]

How a Venture Fund Capital Call works

Many angel investors who are actively considering becoming a Limited Partner in a venture fund have questions about how capital calls work.  Angels are used to making a commitment to fund a deal, then writing a check or wiring funds and they’re done until the deal exits. Capital Calls Maximize Investor Returns Venture capital funds […]

Tax Breaks Every Angel Investor Should Know About

Angel investors take risks in backing startup companies – but recent tax breaks make it a lot less risky than you may think! Experienced angel investors know that to get a 3X return on their portfolio over five years, they need to shoot for 10X on each deal they do.  With recent tax breaks, angels […]

The Venture Capital Funnel

Your chances of becoming a unicorn The venture capital funnel below reveals how the sausage gets made in VC. We looked at over 1K startups that raised a Seed round in 2009 and 2010 and found only 22% made it to exit and 0.9% became unicorns (this vintage included Uber, Slack, and other success stories). […]