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Bringing big problems to Denver

An original guest post by Jay Holman, Principal of Venture to Market 101010Denver Update: Get information about 10.10.10 on 101010denver.com 10.10.10 will Bring Big Problems to Denver Entrepreneurs have a unique ability to see opportunity in the problems others face, and they are irresistibly drawn in by the desire to create, and sell, solutions to […]

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Swift Tram Wants to Get You High

Guest Post by Jay Holman, Principal of Venture to Market LLC Recently declared the third most investable startup at the 2013 Angel Capital Summit, Boulder based Swift Tram wants to revolutionize public transportation by taking it high above the streets. The company envisions riders zipping along in suspended coaches 20 feet off the ground, gliding […]

How do I begin meeting angels?

We hear from a lot of companies who request our staff time to have coffee. It’s a common getting-to-know-you routine here in Denver as in many other towns. We used to be able to do this regularly, but as our investment numbers reached $15M in 2012, and the word got out that companies can get […]

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CO? Forestry: Investing in carbon reduction and sustainable forests

Guest Post by James Lester, Managing Consultant with Cleantech Finance When investors, policy makers, and the media discuss the best ways of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause climate change, most attention is paid to increasing renewable energy and reducing the usage of fossil fuels. A key driver of climate change that is often […]

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Student Entrepreneurs at ACS Semi-Finals

The Angel Capital Summit 2013 Semi-finals were closed to the public. Instead, we invited some energetic student entrepreneurs to view the pitches. We know it’s hard for students to break out of their rigid schedules and ivory towers so the few who actually showed up that day are total stars. Eric Nydegger from the School […]

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See Vokl pitch at Angel Capital Summit 2013

By Tim Harvey,  guest writer for the Rockies Venture Club “Your smartphone is as dumb as a banana when it comes to interaction with local merchants,” says Tom Higley from his co-working space in Denver, Colorado. As CEO of Vokl, he’s ready to change that. Smartphones are more prevalent than ever, with over 1 billion users worldwide, expected to […]


RVC Academy: Seed Stage Education

Ed note: These classes have already occurred. Please contact nicole@rockiesventureclub.org to request a class to be run again. RVC Academy – Seed Stage Investment Education We have two high-quality classes on the calendar in the next two weeks as we prepare for the Angel Capital Summit. Basic member tickets discounted 17% Full members tickets discounted […]