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Should Investors Expect Lower Returns for "Impact Investments"?

  One of the main questions we get regarding impact investing is whether impact investing should be considered to be philanthropy with little or no returns or whether impact investing can be expected to have the same kind of returns that other investment opportunities on the market can offer. We like to think that with […]

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Impact Investing – Social Impact or Environmental Impact?

When we talk about Impact Investing, we’re talking about investments that make an impact on our communities. There are many ways that this can happen, but the two most common categories are social and environmental impact. My intuitive guess was that environmental impact investing would comprise the greatest portion of investment, but what The Global […]

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Sun Number awarded $1 million by DOE to lower solar acquisition costs

by James Lester, Managing Consultant with Cleantech Finance Rockies Venture Club presenter Sun Number has announced an award of approximately $1 million to expand the geographic coverage of its rooftop solar assessment services through the Department of Energy’s SunShot Incubator program. The award also enables Sun Number to expand the scope of its services by […]

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Why does RVC pitch so many companies?

Why do we pitch so many companies? I like to tell the story of the first time I filled out a questionnaire about Rockies Venture Club’s activities for the Angel Capital Association.  When I got the the question about how many companies we present each year, the choices were something like 1-3, 4-7, 8-10, 11-15, […]

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The Debate: When Should a Company Start Planning its Exit

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about exit strategies this year, including VCs, Investment Bankers, two and three time exit participants, entrepreneurs and investors.  I’ve heard a lot of great exit stories and yet there doesn’t seem to be a consensus about when a company should begin planning for its exit. One school […]

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Four Tips to Know if You Have Practiced Your Pitch Enough

Practicing your pitch is one of the most important parts of presenting to a group of investors.  While some people can do a pitch with relatively little practice, no one can just wing it.  So how do you know when you’re ready to pitch and you’ve practiced enough?   Here are a few quick tips: 1)      […]

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Do YOU Have What It Takes To Exit? Find out at the Colorado Capital Conference

You think you can sell your company? Learn from those who have done it at 2013 CCC next week!   The entrepreneur’s dream: starting from scratch, building something significant, and creating value for everyone on your side. Maybe that means holding on to a business you could retire on or pass down to your family. […]

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RVC Announces the Companies Selected for the 2013 Colorado Capital Conference

The Rockies Venture Club has announced the companies that will pitch at the Colorado Capital Conference. On Thursday, November 7th, the following 12 will give investor presentations:   Accuer (Boulder) Carbo Analytics (Fort Collins) Closely (Denver) Evver (Boulder) Field Squared (Denver) FuseSport (Colorado Springs) Kapta Systems (Boulder) Hydrant-Flush (Westminster) Lenimen (Denver) NightFlyer (Denver) ORBTR (Denver) […]