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Green buildings material manufacturer to pitch at the Colorado Capital Conference

Article by Russell Muren, Rebound-tech Editor’s note: PCM Innovations will be pitching to investors at the Colorado Capital Conference on Tuesday, October 9th at 2:30 in the Equus Room. PCM Innovations develops esBITS™ the encapsulated PCM solution for energy efficient wall, ceiling, and molding building products. esBITS™ (energy storage bits) enable building product manufactures to […]

Highlights from August

RVC Summer Pitchfest We discussed the investor pitch from three perspectives: the investor, the entrepreneur, and the public speaking coach. Peter Adams (speaking left) reminded the room that investors are the horse, entrepreneurs are the wolves, and above all else, wolves, don’t spook your horse! Vic Ahmed spoke about communicating to investors. Erin Lewis gave […]

For Entrepreneurs There is Power in Partnerships

Rockies Venture Club may be enjoying it’s 26th year of existence, but when you get down to it, we are a startup just like the companies we serve. We have a lot of the same limitations as a startup – too much work, not enough staff, so much to do, so little time and resources. […]

Are you financially sophisticated?

What do crowd-funding factoring, carbon fiber guitars, and designer seeds all have in common? No, this is not the start of a goofy joke – they are all companies who closed funding rounds this summer: P2Bi, Viktorian Guitars, and Evolutionary Genomics. We’ve seen 12 companies secure angel funding so far this year and we’ve started […]

Two reasons why the 24th time is the charm

The 24th Annual Colorado Capital Conference. 24th Annual. That’s a lot of years holding the same conference in the same town for basically the same purpose. Rockies Venture Club has been supporting entrepreneurship in Colorado for a really long long time. I’m 35. When the first annual Colorado Capital Conference was launched, I was 11. […]

Be Unreasonable!

The Unreasonable Investor Day 1, July 19, brought together people from all over the world to advance companies with socially conscious projects. The Unreasonable Staff was so unreasonable that they changed the rules on us in the middle of the event.