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How do Angel Investors differ from Venture Capitalists?

In many ways Angel Investors are looking for the same things as Venture Capitalists, but there are some big differences that companies should be aware of that will play a part in shaping their financing strategy. Here are a few obvious contrasts that you should be aware of. Let’s start with Definitions:  An angel investor […]

A New Game Not Just For Rich Guys

Thanks for this blog post referral from Jim Callahan of Janiczek & Company in Denver.  Lots of new trends in angel investing including younger angels getting involved, more engagement by Registered Investment Advisors in the Angel community and a growing divide among companies that work with Angel groups vs. those that try to go the […]

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Why Venture Capital Investors Should Want to See Your Five Year Financial Proforma

Many entrepreneurs and VCs alike are hesitant to produce a proforma for more than two years out into the future.  They claim that it’s impossible to know what will happen and that the third year and beyond are “just numbers.”   While I would agree that nobody expects a startup to perform according to its projections, […]

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Measuring Impact Investing

  Impact Investing is a term that has a wide range of interpretations. In order to have credibility, consistency and clear understanding about what constitutes success in impact investing it’s important to have a clear set of metrics to understand the social, environmental and economic impacts of impact investments. Impact is Big Business The impact […]

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Impact Investing Success Stories

Impact Investing is not new and has been around since the 1960’s, if not before.  Since that time we’ve seen a lot of success stories coming from impact investments.  With these successes we’re also seeing significant amounts of dollars under management by impact investing funds with returns of 25% and up PLUS social and environmental […]