Investing Across Multiple Industries

Rockies Venture Club invests in a variety of companies, not just one vertical. This allows for investments in different types of industries each with their own unique markets, experts, and strategies. Here are three of the top industries that are being invested in right now.


Healthcare – Digital access to health

The healthcare industry is is currently in a climb. With the integration of healthcare and technology, access, and ease of use are making old painful processes easier than ever. This telemedicine prompted the founding of CirrusMD. CirrusMD is one of the healthcare investments in the RVC portfolio. They give immediate access to healthcare providers to anyone that has text messaging, answering all your medical questions needs remotely and accurately. Its simple changes like these, along with others like new ways to track health and provide insight that are changing the landscape and making healthcare a top industry.


Fintech – New Access to Capital

Disrupting access to capital has been a trend in the recent past. With the emergence of crowdfunding, the old ways of getting money are facing some competition. Enter P2BInvestor. P2Bi is revolutionizing the way you get credit. By making a line of revolving credit that is secured by assets like receivables or investors, P2Bi can help improve the cash flow for small or big companies. P2Bi happens to be another RVC portfolio company, that is in one of the fastest growing industries today.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is not stealing the thunder when it comes to trending industries, but is one of the most important. With the integration of technology into almost all other industries, the risk of security becomes even higher. Just take a look at all of the security breaches in the news. Swimlane is an RVC portfolio company that helps combat security fatigue. With the constant attempts to breach security, there are a lot of false alarms that are time consuming. Swimlane works to automate that process freeing up time and resources. Cybersecurity is a big industry and is going to continue to grow as the other industries incorporate technology into their models.


RVC’s Portfolio- 55% Female and Minority Led

Rockies Venture Club has funded 14 deals in the past year, bringing its portfolio mix to include 55% companies which are female and minority led vs. the national average of just 14.4%. Read more

Why Startup in Colorado?

Places like New York, Seattle, and the obvious Silicon Valley and San Francisco, are  all bursting with startups. Each has numerous accelerator programs, incubators, and attract new graduates. So why would you choose to start your startup in Colorado? Read more

Denver Startup Week 2016

Valuing Startup Valuations – Webcast

Understanding startup valuations is often a complex and murky process.  Peter gives you great insights on what you think you are worth, what you are really worth and also importantly gives you guidance as to understand valuations from the startup to exit.



The latest addition to our educational webinar series, covering startup valuation, is here…
Peter Adams, Managing Director of Rockies Venture Fund and Rockies Venture Club, presented “Understanding Startup Valuation”, covering the fundamentals of valuations and tools entrepreneurs can use when developing their own models.

After founding/co-founding and investing in multiple successful startups, Peter shares what he’s learned – don’t miss out on watching the replay if you haven’t done so yet!
Preview of topics in “Understanding Startup Valuation”:

How to determine valuation on an early-stage, pre-revenue company
Why traditional valuation methodologies don’t work for early stage companies
Why an exit strategy is required in order to conduct a valuation exercise
Valuation methodologies that CAN be used as part of your model
Tools and resources you can use in developing your valuation model


“And we have NO competition”

Please, do not ever say these words to an investor. You are essentially telling them to run. It is heard over and over, but it is never true. Maybe no one is doing the exact same thing, but someone is doing something similar and needs to be acknowledged. Read more

Attractive Pitch

The first pitch to investors is in many ways the company’s first date. It is the investors first experience with you and your company.  The end goal is to receive a second date. Yet, with many top notch pitches coming through it takes more than just a solid proof of concept and innovative idea to gain interest. Read more

Voice In A Pitch

Rockies Venture Club has a monthly workshop entitled Pitch Academy. Pitch Academy takes entrepreneurs though the art of the pitch. Yes, it is an art. Slide formation, understanding what information needs to be included and general presentation are all touched upon. A key element of any successful pitch is the voice. The voice acts as a hook. Whether excited or coolly confident, the voice grabs, or loses, the audience. Regardless of product or visuals, if the voice is flat there will be minimal interest. Voice elevates a good pitch, to a great one.

Read more

Hyperaccelerator in Review

Last week’s Hyperaccelerator has come and gone, and as the dust settles there are a couple standout moments and experiences worth sharing. Overall, we noticed that day 1 to day 6 made all the difference. Not only were the companies more confident in their pitches, they graduated with viable business plans.  Read more