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RVC’s Active Deals

These are deals that have gone through RVC’s Due Diligence Process and a syndicate is being formed.

Comsero designs and builds unique products that inspire creativity and cultivate collaboration. Our products live in the real world, supported by elegant software.

Sitter is an app that allows parents to book and pay their own babysitters and find new sitters through friends. Sitter is solving an age-old problem in a new, bold way.

Silvernest is a unique roommate-matching service for boomers and empty nesters who have space to share. They raised a round with RVC in Q3 2016.

Vartega  is a Colorado based recycler of advanced materials – specifically strong and lightweight carbon fiber that is used in many advanced industries

The Rockies Venture Fund is a horizontal investing platform that allows LP’s to diversify over multiple angel deals.