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Rockies Venture Club  (RVC) is now accepting applications for its summer internship program! This is an extremely competitive program, apply now before we fill our spots.

Internships at RVC provide an inside view into venture capital, angel investment, entrepreneurship and how it all works.  Interns begin with a curiosity about venture capital and end up with a deep understanding of how it all works.  Interns participate in classes and workshops at no cost and learn along with investors and entrepreneurs.  Interns get an inside seat at the investor’s table to see how investors make decisions and how deals get done.

RVC Internships are unpaid, but the rewards are many.  In addition to learning about venture capital, you’ll meet leaders in the community, get to work with genius entrepreneurs and create products that you’re proud of.

Due Diligence Associate

One of the most important aspects of running an Angel Investing organization is performing in-depth due diligence on the companies that come through. This informs the individual investors on where to start their own due diligence process and is essential when it comes to syndicating with other groups within Colorado and around the country. In this position you will have the chance to work closely with the RVC Operations Director and the Venture Capital Analytics Program Director,  to develop a sustainable program that allows lead investors to reliability produce reports and get entrepreneurs the funding they need to grow their company. This is a higher level position that requires outstanding writing skills, leadership, and work ethic.

Venture Capital Associate:

Work with the operations director to track deals, prepare written updates and assessments on the companies that pitch and assist with communicating to angel investors and pitch companies. Work in RVC Communities to engage angel investors and engage the entrepreneurial community.

Venture Capital Syndication Associate:

In this position you will have a chance to learn how AngelList works to syndicate RVC angel deals to other angels around the country. Work with RVC executive and operations directors to develop the AngelList programs.

Video Development Associate:

Works with the executive director and program manager to produce high quality training videos, ready for publication.  Learn about venture capital while producing training videos with our easy to learn video editing software.

Marketing & Events Associate:

In this position you will work closely with the program director and business development manager to develop and implement marketing campaigns to engage the community, get the word out, and work on website design and implementation. Here you will work with RVC’s influential partner groups, and large publications.

Women’s Investor Network (WIN) Program Associate:

Work alongside the Director for the Women’s Investor Network (WiN) to plan programs, workshops and events to engage and support the community of women angel investors.  Help with outreach to women’s organizations to inform about the WIN programs.  Analyze priorities for building angel investment skills through workshops, webinars, and other media.  Write website, Facebook and Twitter content, and plan newsletter campaigns. In addition you will have the chance to work with the executive director and board of BizGirls, to market and produce BizGirls programs and assist with a scaling strategy that will help this program expand nationally.


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Venture Capital Analytics Internship:

The RVC is offering Venture Capital Analytics Internship positions as an opportunity to expose entrepreneurs, investors, subject matter experts, and highly motivated individuals interested in the startup ecosystem to Venture Capital and Angel Investor due diligence fundamentals. Over the course of executing the VCA program we have evaluated thousands of startups, performed strategic due diligence on the highest potential ventures, and generated tangible work products resulting in meaningful and intelligently selected investments. The Intern Analyst role is being offered to share our knowledge with the community in an organized way.

If selected you will join a cohort of a handful of Intern Analysts where you will observe and support a diverse group of Sr. Analysts with finance, engineering, science, law, MBA, business and management backgrounds. Activities will include evaluating potential investments; researching and analyzing business plans and financial profomas; researching and quantifying markets and competitive landscapes; and developing processes to increase the readiness and preparedness of high potential companies.

Intern Analysts will be exposed to organized events, seminars, educational training sessions, and summits the RVC uses to connect entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and legislative and governmental representatives. Intern Analysts will learn the due diligence process, startup management best practices, and investment strategies, among other Venture Capital and Angel Investment skills. Acceptance into the program is very competitive and the experience is demanding but highly rewarding.

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If you are interested in getting engaged with RVC beyond what is offered, we have a large number of engaging volunteer positions open.