Angel Capital Summit

Angel Capital Summit 2017: Corporate Venture Capital and Early Stage Investing

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is taking over the venture capital scene and now comprises over twenty percent of all venture capital invested each year. The growth of CVC has been remarkable, rising by 37% in 2015 to $32.9 Billion and continuing to rise in 2016.

Entrepreneurs and Angel investors who are investing with “strategics” as CVC is often called, should understand the two-edged sword of co-investing with large corporate VC investors. The goals of a CVC can range widely between financial strategy, like angel investors seek, or strategic outcomes which focus less on returns and more on developing a corporate innovation programs which are replacing traditional R&D with Corporate Venture Capital with a goal to acquire the top companies in their portfolios..

Angel Capital Summit 2017 will help investors and entrepreneurs to understand the motivations of CVCs and to find the hidden opportunities of syndicating with these investors strategically to grow companies fast and to bring in great angel investment returns.

Angel Capital Summit 2017 will be held TuesdayMarch 21st – Wednesday, March 22nd at the University of Denver – Sturm Hall. There will be an investor-only forum on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 22nd.

Colorado Capital Conference

Colorado Capital Conference

The Colorado Capital Conference is RVC’s fall conference has been a leading investor conference in Colorado for 31  years. The Rockies Venture Club has always hosted this historical event with the goal of connecting entrepreneurs and investors in Colorado. Attendees include angel investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, service providers, and students.

Cannabis Capital Summit (Half Day Event)

Cannabis represents a new industry in Colorado and perhaps nationwide in the years to come. With new industries come new opportunities for business and for investors. The Cannabis Capital Summit is a celebration of these opportunities while also providing a forum to discuss the potential risks that investors face. While we all see medical and recreational marijuana retail centers, the industry extends far and wide with implications for real estate, banking, genetic engineering, soils, fertilizers, packaging and more. RVC will host the next Cannabis Capital Summit in October 2016.