Colorado Capital Conference

Colorado Capital Conference

CCC 2016: Venture Capital & Alternative Finance

Venture Capital is the key to launching many great startups – but it’s the most expensive type of capital out there. It’s not for everyone. Even venture capital backed companies find that they can mix and match different capital sources to manage their rapid growth and hold down financing costs and equity dilution. The 2016 Colorado Capital Conference is designed to help investors and entrepreneurs learn about advanced blended funding options that can jump-start a company’s growth and broaden the availability of the right kind of capital for the right needs in portfolio businesses. Alternatives such as Venture Debt, Royalty Financing, Crowdfunding, Structured Buyouts, Factoring and Asset backed lending, Grants (SBIR, OEDIT AI, NIH), government and community based lending and more, all provide ways to fund companies or expand on angel investments in creative ways.

Angel Capital Summit

The Angel Capital Summit is a two day event is a two day conference dedicated to early-stage companies and the investors that support them. The next ACS arrives March 2017 and will feature approximately 20 early stage companies. Please visit the ACS website for more information.

Cannabis Capital Summit (Half Day Event)

Cannabis represents a new industry in Colorado and perhaps nationwide in the years to come. With new industries come new opportunities for business and for investors. The Cannabis Capital Summit is a celebration of these opportunities while also providing a forum to discuss the potential risks that investors face. While we all see medical and recreational marijuana retail centers, the industry extends far and wide with implications for real estate, banking, genetic engineering, soils, fertilizers, packaging and more. RVC will host the next Cannabis Capital Summit in October 2016.